Monolith Iberica Lda has moved to a new warehouse for dry products and is now completing the start set-up of refrigeration equipment. Our warehouse is a modern, spacious, well-equipped space – you can be assured of the quality of products delivered from the warehouse. The new warehouse meets all the necessary requirements for storage of various categories of products: the goods are stored and then delivered to the stores in perfect condition.

In the cooled rooms of the warehouse, a constant temperature is always maintained. Large areas allow large quantities of products to be stored. The total area of the warehouse is 2,000 m2. Of which the refrigerated area is 600 m2. We also have all the necessary handling equipment, which facilitates and speeds up all processes.

Due to the move to a modern warehouse, its throughput capacity has increased by 1.5 times. Our operational capacity has increased significantly. 

We appreciate our time and yours!